Smith's Sinister Sanctuary

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Open EVERY Friday and Saturday in October

Secluded deep in the Flatwoods of South Georgia near the Florida line you can rest your head in one of the most notorious Bed and Breakfasts around. Once known simply as Smith’s B & B. Now Smith’s Sinister Sanctuary, with its cozy rooms and gorgeous views offers you “tranquility” you will not be able to get anywhere else. The Flatwoods of South Georgia are known for its many beautiful scenic-walking trails and many other unmentionables. We can promise you generous hospitality but rest is one thing you won’t get here. Mysterious disappearances have become relatively common at the reopened establishment, and the dark history of the land is more gruesome than most could imagine. There are many things much worse than death that takes place beneath the floors that were intended for rest and pleasure. Using BattleGround Laser Sports weapons you will have to fight your way though the Super Human Experiments in order to survive! We told you last year that you would need "the BOX"!  From the time the gatekeeper allows you to enter Smith’s Sinister Sanctuary you will face approximately 40 minutes of the most mysterious and terrifying moments of your life.